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G-Orient Industries Sdn Bhd


G-Orient Industries Sdn. Bhd., an international importer and and exporter of furniture hardware, timber product, rattan, coconut fiber, all kind of raw materials, home furniture and office furniture. G-Orient Industries Sdn. Bhd. established in Malaysia in 1977, with branches all over the South East Asia Countries. In year 2001, we ventured into China market by establish the China branch in Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong. Our second branch in Shanghai, China was established in 2005.

E&O is our registered trademark in China, it represented specialization of our product, quality assurances and excellent customer service. Our E&O products have been export oriented over thirty years. To achieve the demand of superior quality of our product, E&O products are produce in SGS ISO9001 CERTIFIED OEM factories by using the European, American and Japanese Technology know-how, moulds and exclusive raw materials provided by us. These OEM factories also produce for globally well-known furniture hardware companies. These well-managed factories have ensured our E&O product's quality passed the ANSI/BIFMA/BHMA/KCMA/DIN and BS international standard. Our products are exporting to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and etc. Our product has become the prime choice to these overseas customers. Our products has aggressively grown internationally and recently in China Market. E&O has recognized by customers and competitors as a trusted brand. Huge demand from international market and direct supply of raw material to factory, E&O has gained it pricing advantage over it competitors of same category. E&O is the focused brand and value added product of it class.

"Practical, Delicate, Sincere" is always the entrepreneurship of our company. "Superior Quality & Customer First" is our marketing objective. "Honorable& Trustworthy" is our principle. Company owns a team of highly trained technicians and managerial personnel to carry out product design & development, fabrication of mould and manufacturing. We sincerely welcome you to contact our company personnel to help you pursue your business need. We also invite our alliance in the industries to work together for collaborative glorious.


大东方企业有限公司,是一家从事于家具五金,木材,藤,椰纤维等原材料,民用家私,办公家具及进出口业务的跨国企业。公司马来西亚总部创建于一九七七年,各连锁分公司遍及东南亚各地。二零零一年在中国广东东莞厚街开设了第一家中国分公司,到二零零五年又在上海成立了中国第二个分公司,同时我们的自有品牌 "E&O" 也在中国通过了注册。

E&O 品牌体现的价值,是它所代表的产品的专业性,质量保证和良好的售后服务。由于 E&O 产品在这三十年以来皆以出口外销为主,为了达到我们对产品高品质管理的要求,引进了欧美日台的先进技术,模具和进口一些特殊材料,再交由中国当地拥有 SGS ISO9001 认证的工厂进行 OEM 制造,这些配合的工厂也 OEM 生产欧美著名品牌家具五金,使得我们在质量控制上更加全面并通过了欧美等国家有关技术权威测试,达到 ANSI / BIFMA / BHMA / KCMA, DIN 及 BS 国际技术标准。 产品远销马来西亚,泰国,新加坡,越南,印尼等,深受这部分海外市场的欢迎外,产品也活跃在其他国际市场,尤其在登陆中国市场的几年时间里, E&O 以信得过的品牌受到了客户及同行们的认可。 而基于外销为主的优势,我们具有强大的销售量。再加上有些原料乃由本公司直接进口供应给工厂进行生产,因此,在相同等级的产品上, E&O 的价格肯定呈现出它特有的优势,是同类品的矫矫者,更物有所值。




Furniture Hardwares & Fittings
Various types of slides, drawer runner, furniture locks, hinges, handles & knobs, magnetic catches, catches & latches, glides, shelf support, TV swivel plates, furniture turn tables, super glue, high pressure laminates, elastic webbing, casters, gas lift, armrest, seat mechanism, chair base & other furniture hardware, fittings, decorative, accessories and materials for furniture industries of wood, cane, metal, panel, sofas, kitchen, office chairs, office furnitures and renovation works.

Knock Down Fittings & Fasteners For Furniture Industry
Wood screw, chipboard screw, particle board screw, drywall screw, self tapping screw, self drilling screw, hanger bolt, hex socket head cap screw, hex head wood screw, insert screw, machine screw, connecting screw, JCBC, JCBB, JCBC-W, JCCA etc.

Tools For Woodworking
Twist drills, dowel drills, boring bits, cylinder boring bits, reducing chucks, router bits, mortise bits, planer knives, back knives & rough cut knives, profile cutters, & knives, finger joint cutters, dowel cutters, reversible solid carbide tips, circular sawblades, bandsaws, wooden/aluminium/metal brush wheels, PU rollers, sponge rollers, rubber obliqued rollers, pneumatic drums and abrasives.

Tools For Other Industries & Woodworking
Toggle clamps, grinding wheels, diamond wheels, abrasives, pneumatic staplers, staplers, other pneumatic power tools & etc.

Knives For Plywood Industries
Veneer rotary lathe knives, veneer rotary knives holder, slicer knives, veneer clipper knives, nosebar & grinding wheels etc.
Special Anti-Rust Fasteners & Other Fasteners For Roofing, Plaster Ceiling, Racking, Air-Cond & Refrigeration, Metal Work, Electrical & Other Industries
Ruspert-coating screws (passed kesternich test 15 cycles and salt spray test 500 -2000 hours).

Self drilling screw, self tapping screw, drywall screw, hex socket head cap screw, machine screw, sems screw, stud, rivet.
Hex nut, anchor nut (insert nut), spring washer, washer, drop in anchor, sleeve anchor, cut out anchor, bolt anchor and other bolt & nut etc.

Wood Base Products, Rattan, Coconut Fibre and Other Raw Materials

Computer: Casing, Mouse, Keyboard, UPS & etc.
家具五金 , 办公家具及椅配件, 装饰配件, 紧固件及拆装件.


木材, 藤, 椰纤维及家具原材料.


电脑机箱, 键盘, 滑鼠, 音响, 不断电供应系统(UPS)及其它相关配件.

汽门音响, 室内视听系列.
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